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At Correa, Pearson & Associates, LLC we believe that a healthy understanding of your company’s financials will directly impact decisions that lead to operational efficiencies, increased profits, decreased tax bills, and overall smarter business decisions.

After years in the industry, we have recognized a pattern. Often, accountants focus on “the past” by collecting and analyzing numbers that have already happened. Real innovation occurs when you leverage that data to look forward, creating forecasting models, baseline metrics, and benchmark data to propel your business forward for continuous growth. 

When equipped with the necessary information, entrepreneurs are more likely to make financially healthy decisions that provide long-term security, reinvestment of profits into their business, and upward mobility. We are passionate about empowering business leaders with financial literacy and clarity so that they can grow their businesses and achieve their goals faster. 

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Our passion is in helping others. Our expertise is in applying our knowledge to improve financial health. Our focus is on achieving financial results for our clients.