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Jessica Pearson – Chief Operating Officer

Jessica Pearson – Chief Operating Officer

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”-Colin Powell

Jessica is both a co-owner and the COO (Chief Operating Officer), of Correa, Pearson & Associates. Jessica’s experience includes 12 years in management and small business operations, with 5 years of accounting and bookkeeping and holds a Pro Advisor certification for QuickBooks Online. Jessica manages and oversees daily operations, team management, client satisfaction, and monthly accounting.

Jessica received an Associates of Science degree in 2017, while managing a production team for a small business that was just stepping into a global market. Jessica attributes this success to both her ability to use effective time management, to ensure client satisfaction, a talent for efficiency, and creating a great team environment. Jessica’s solid work ethic, engaging humor, attention to detail and unflagging dedication to excellence underscores every task she undertakes.

As a lover of people, Jessica leads with a warm and open management style, one that inspires and energizes those around her. Jessica is committed to the success of her clients and her team members. Her focus on quality encompasses both ensuring superb client satisfaction and creating a positive and uplifting working environment for her team.