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Mike Floyd – Provisional CFO, MBA, Strategist Consultant

Mike Floyd – Provisional CFO, MBA, Strategist Consultant

When a child is learning to walk and falls down 50 times, you never hear them say “maybe this isn’t for me”. – unknown

Mike is a finance leader and executive who prides himself on forward thinking and seeing the big picture, who is excellent at correlating end goals with actionable steps. He sees himself as an integral part of any leadership team, deploying his experience, expertise and wisdom to assist passionate entrepreneurs in finding their rhythm.

Mike spent his career working in various industries ranging from billion dollar multinational conglomerate TransUnion to medium sized regional business services firms, e-commerce stores, direct to consumer manufacturers, as well as small local non-profit organizations.

He has served on several nonprofit boards, including the National Alumni Association of The University of Tampa where he matriculated.

Mike’s MBA led him into a career within executive leadership, leading both accounting and technical teams. Because of this, his skills span beyond finance and accounting. He is experienced in systems integration, building business applications, business process automation, business planning, sales automation, and project management among the other skills typically found in CFOs.

Mike sets integrity above all other character attributes. He believes in being honest in all matters, even when it is uncomfortable and feels integrity is the only way to address any situation. Secondarily, he also believes most situations can use humor. After all, having fun is the key to good morale and performance. Mike recognizes everyone enjoys laughing and strives to allow his charm shine through at every chance.

As a CFO Consultant, Mike focuses on delivering the CFO skill set to a variety of niches and is passionate about startups, nonprofits, and religious organizations to help them gain the necessary insights from their data to make the absolute best decisions possible.