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How a Growing Insurance Agency Grew Revenue While Reducing Taxes

Insurance Company Growth

How a Growing Insurance Agency Grew Revenue While Reducing Taxes

Case Study: Transforming Financial Despair into Prosperity with Correa, Pearson & Associates Client Overview: ABC, Inc, an insurance company, was eager for financial excellence, but found itself...
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How One Marketing Owner’s Leap of Faith Paid Off

Overview XYZ, LLC a New Jersey based, woman-owned marketing firm had aspirations to achieve growth so that they could crush their debt, and set aside a nest egg. With over 20 years’ experience...
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How Financial Literacy Fueled This Branding Agency’s Growth

Overview The owner of a one-woman branding agency was looking to make her first hire so she could grow her business, but she did not know if she could afford it. The owner struggled to understand...
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How CP&A Turned Frustrating Finances into an Efficient Operation

Overview New Jersey-based XYZ Consulting Group, Inc. is a professional service firm that helps financial advisors, lawyers, and accountants to increase their revenue and grow their firms. The CEO,...
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How Restructuring a Company Led to a Massive Tax Savings

Overview XYZ Media, a lead generation agency in Minnesota, was having a phenomenal first year in business. Unfortunately, what the partners didn’t know had unintended consequences. It turns out...
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How CP&A’s Support Helped Position a Marketing Agency as an Industry Leader

Overview Four years ago, XYZ Marketing and Design, an award-winning, New Jersey-based digital marketing agency was struggling to achieve meaningful growth. While revenue was on the rise, profits...
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How CP&A Slashed a Client’s Tax Bill by 85 Percent While Increasing Capital by Over 300 Percent

Overview Company XYZ, an Idaho-based bathroom and tile refinishing business had fallen severely behind in paying its payroll and income taxes. Not only did the company owe more than $120,000 in...
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How CP&A Saved the Day and Fueled Growth for an Amazon Seller

Overview The owner of XYZ Books, a rapidly growing book wholesale company had fallen behind on filing both his business and personal taxes for three years. As a result, he was facing over $250,000...
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How Fast Action During Covid-19 Saved One Restaurant Business

Overview The global Covid-19 pandemic has been hard on many businesses, but restaurants and the food service industry have likely been hit the hardest. Many business owners continue to struggle,...
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