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How a Growing Insurance Company Grew Revenue While Reducing Taxes

Date: November 13, 2023

SWZ, a company striving for financial success, faced significant challenges in managing their financial growth and tax efficiency. They sought guidance and support to overcome these obstacles. 

They initially struggled with achieving revenue growth, optimizing gross profit, and managing tax efficiency. They were making more money, paying way more tax, and somehow still barely making ends meet. They realized the need for expert financial advice and strategies to overcome these challenges.

CP&A emerged as the trusted financial partner for SWZ. With their outsourced financial department, CP&A offered strategic expertise in financial organization, management and tax reduction, guiding SWZ towards success.

Implementing the Big Picture Framework developed by CP&A, SWZ focused on strategic revenue growth, increasing gross profit, and improving net income while leveraging smart tax saving strategies that aimed to reduce taxes as a percentage of total income.

SWZ made the crucial decision to partner with CP&A, actively collaborating in implementing The Big Picture Framework. They executed specific strategies and took actionable steps to achieve their financial goals.

SWZ’s partnership with CP&A yielded remarkable results. They achieved a 

  • revenue growth of 150% totaling $5.2 million in additional revenue within the first 12 months
  • gross profit grew by 31%, amounting to $775,000 through effective & more efficient use of resources
  • net income soared by 179%, reaching $440,000 in new profits 
  • Total assets have grown (year over year) by over 55%
  • decreased taxes as a percentage of total income by 21%, improving tax efficiency and cash flow 
  • Their 65 hour work weeks now are now only 32 hours and they take regular vacations to unplug and recharge four times a year
  • Their total debt has dropped from 7 figures to 5 figures and is consistently dropping while cash reserves are climbing

Without the guidance of CP&A, SWZ would have missed out on these exceptional financial achievements and would have overpaid their taxes by over one hundred thousand dollars. They would have faced the consequences of stagnant growth, reduced profitability, and inefficient tax management leading to overpayment of taxes and dwindling cash flow year after year until they ultimately would be forced to close their doors for good. 

Through their partnership with CP&A and the implementation of The Big Picture Framework, SWZ experienced substantial financial success. This case study highlights the importance of strategic financial management and tax planning. Businesses facing similar challenges are encouraged to seek professional guidance to unlock their full financial potential.

If you’re facing financial challenges and seeking remarkable growth and tax savings like SWZ, schedule a consultation with CP&A. Their expert team can provide tailored solutions to help you achieve your financial goals.

“I am high strung and tend to be hard headed to my detriment at times, just like the old men who raised me. I am honored to have met CP&A and for the first time in my professional career I have financial security and confidence about my future and retirement. I needed someone like Vanessa to put me in my place and help me see that I was the one holding myself back just because I didn’t see what the ripple effect of my decisions was doing to my business. I was used to doing things ‘the old school way’ until I met Vanessa and her team. Now, we get to experience a whole new world that we didn’t even know was possible due to their hard work and outstanding expertise and guidance. I’ve never felt so looked after and taken care of in business before.” – Jon Tanner, CEO of SWZ Insurance