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Budget Friendly Ways to Prevent Cybercrime

Date: September 23, 2021

Budget-Friendly Ways to Prevent Cybercrime

As more and more businesses move to be completely virtual the risks of cybercrime are climbing exponentially. Just last year cybercrime cost business owners more than 2.7 Billion.

In a remote world of malware, ransomware, viruses, and phishing attacks – where do you start? Most small businesses (88%) felt concerned they were at risk for a cyber attack and felt unprepared, yet they didn’t know what to do about it and couldn’t afford to hire a dedicated IT person.

Here are some budget-friendly ways to protect your business from cybercrime:

  • Train your employees for free with this Department of Homeland Security site: https://www.stopthinkconnect.org/
  • Use antivirus and keep it updated, we recommend asking a Geek Squad technician from Best Buy what they recommend that has promotional pricing.
  • Secure your networks with the help of a VPN (Geek Squad can help you find a good one)
  • Protect sensitive data, backup the rest (We recommend OneDrive, Google Drive, or Share File)Attend training to stay up to date on the changing ways to keep businesses secure

To learn more and to check the risk of your business with the help of an interactive tool check out this site: https://us-cert.cisa.gov/resources/ncats

The time to prepare for cybercrime is BEFORE it happens, don’t make the mistake of thinking it won’t happen to you. If you need help understanding what vulnerabilities your business has, or if you need help creating ways to avoid risk, we’d be happy to help or point you in the right direction to someone who can. Click here to schedule with us.


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