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Easy Money Moves: Your No-Sweat Guide to Tax Planning!

Date: September 18, 2023

Quick Hacks Every Business Owner Can Use Today

Hey there, Business Owners! Taxes can seem like a tough puzzle, right? But guess what, they don’t have to be. Let’s simplify it together and give you some tools to keep more of your hard-earned money (and sanity).


📒 1. The Receipt Jar Trick


Grab a clear jar or container and label it “Tax Receipts”.

Every time you get a receipt for a business expense, pop it in there.

Once a month, take a pic of each receipt using your smartphone and save them in a folder called “Tax Receipts [Year]”.

Why it’s cool: No more lost receipts and everything’s digital and organized!

📆 2. Set a Monthly “Tax Date”


Choose one day each month as your “Tax Date”.

Set a reminder on your phone.

Spend 20-30 minutes reviewing your month’s expenses, checking your receipts, and updating your financial records.

Why it’s cool: Small steps each month mean no stress at tax time!

💡 3. Use Free Apps for Tracking


Download apps like ‘Evernote’ for saving digital receipts or ‘QuickBooks Online’ for budgeting and tracking expenses.

Connect your business bank account (if the app allows) and let it do the work.

Why it’s cool: Automation = less work (and more free time) for you!

🎯 4. Set Clear Business Goals


Write down one big thing you want your business to achieve this year.

Break it down into smaller monthly goals.

Review and adjust at the end of each month on your “Tax Date”.

Why it’s cool: Keeping track of your financial goals helps you make better tax decisions!

✉️ 5. Email Folders Are Your Friend


Create a folder in your email called “Tax Docs”.

Every time you receive a digital receipt or important tax document via email, move it to that folder.

Why it’s cool: No more searching through hundreds of emails at tax time!

🎉 6. Celebrate Your Wins


Whenever you reach a business or tax goal, reward yourself. Maybe it’s a favorite treat, a day off, or something fun for your office. We are creatures of habit that are conditioned by being rewarded – so reward yourself!

Why it’s cool: Celebrations keep things fun and motivate you to keep going!

Feeling empowered to conquer your taxes? Embrace these tips and watch the magic unfold. If you’re hungry for more or need that expert touch, don’t hesitate! Book a call with us or swing by our website. Let’s turn those tax hurdles into triumphs together. Your brighter financial future is just one click away! 💼🌟



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