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Why You’re Not Rich Yet and How to Get There

Date: July 27, 2021

Hint… It’s not your fault.

You can search the web for the ‘silver bullet’, that get-rich-quick trick that’s just waiting to be discovered. That lottery ticket that’s just waiting to be cashed… But is that really how you’re actually going to ‘get rich’?

I can tell you what you’d find if you were to journey down that rabbit hole – article upon article about how it’s your fear of success or lack of ambition thwarting your wealthy aspirations, that if you just try harder, work longer hours, save more, invest better – that you’ll find your piece of wealth pie in your short time here.

That’s all bullshit

The real reason you’re not rich yet is because you were never taught how to create wealth. The secret to breaking through the glass ceiling and hopping the metaphorical fence with the greener grass on the other side is simple… knowledge.

The average person in America never learned how to make the most of their money, mostly because they don’t teach real wealth-building skill sets in school. Some schools offer a few lectures on personal finance for credit hours, but these are often so dull that students start falling asleep and drooling seconds into class.

The public schooling system, the capitalist economy we live in, and the lack of financial literacy in the workforce combine to create a system of displacement and frustration for the majority.

Thousands upon thousands of taxpayers and business owners overpay in taxes every year because the tax code is so complex and confusing, they’d rather just ‘get it over with’ even if that means paying more than they have to. The IRS is an entity with such little oversight and so much authority that the scare tactics they employ to generate revenue for the government work far more often than it would if our education system taught the legal rights and responsibilities for taxpayers and wealth-building skill sets like strategic tax planning, informed investing, and entrepreneurial spirit.

I endeavor to help bridge the gap between poverty and wealth by empowering business leaders with financial clarity and guidance to shape and create the outcomes they desire without paying more in tax than they have to, so they can retire sooner, with more money.

They say money doesn’t make you happy, but that’s a lie. When you have access to more resources you can do more of the things that make you happy like spending time with your loved ones, giving back to your communities, going on vacations to rest & recharge, buying that home or car you’ve always dreamed of, paying for your kids to go to college, or retiring with enough to live a lavish lifestyle while still leaving a legacy behind. All of this isn’t just possible, it’s easy once you learn to use your financial tool belt to acquire, grow, and multiply your wealth.

This is what I love doing more than anything else in my business – showing others how a paycheck-to-paycheck life (while certainly the norm) isn’t the only option and that even the average Joe can live a life of pleasure, luxury, and joy. Helping others make the transformation from scarcity to abundance is one of the most rewarding and invigorating experiences I’ve ever had the honor of experiencing and it’s the purpose that drives my own business forward with joy and excitement.

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