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How to Keep the IRS Off Your Back

Date: July 22, 2022

How to Keep the IRS Off Your Back

What is good corporate governance? This is a question asked by many business owners, and we are excited to announce our new avenue of support. Most business owners don’t fully understand the complexities and responsibilities of maintaining their entities, are confused by the requirements (understandably so) or simply do not have the time. If you don’t have good corporate governance, it could ultimately affect the operations and profitability.

We are here to help you make a plan of easy-to-follow action steps every month! Our new service, specific to your entity type and tailored for your corporate governance needs, will help ensure that you are able to demonstrate your corporate legitimacy, and that you are utilizing best practices to run your business. This will help keep the IRS off your back and protect you in case of an audit.

Our new Corporate Governance services will include:

• Audit of your current corporate records.
• Summary of your fiduciary duties related to your By-Laws or Operating Agreement.
• Report on missing items and Plan to bring corporate records current.
• Establish best practices and governance procedures.
• Maintenance and upkeep of corporate records.
• Attend Board meetings, record meeting minutes.
• Subscription Services, including filing Annual reports with state of domicile, convening annual Board/Stockholder meetings as required and more

We love helping business owners mitigate stress and save time. If you are ready to get on the right path and protect your profitability, click here to schedule a call with us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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