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How to Avoid Missing Out on COVID-19 Financial Assistance

Date: August 22, 2020

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COVID-19 has impacted employers and employees alike during the shutdowns. Employers are struggling to make up for revenue shortages while still keeping their employee’s payroll going, while employees are struggling to afford monthly expenditures in addition to school shutdowns and kids being stuck at home. 

Have you felt overwhelmed by all of the information regarding financial assistance related to COVID-19? You’re not alone! Over 80% of Americans have foregone financial assistance that has been made available just because it is so difficult to navigate. 

Did you know your employees could get two weeks of paid leave at full pay courtesy of the FFCRA? Are you leveraging the opportunities available to you for utility bills, health insurance, rent relief, or tax postponement?  

If you need financial help or if you’re not sure you’re leveraging the opportunities available to you, set up a call with me to talk about how we can help.


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