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How you can do BETTER in business despite COVID-19

Date: August 21, 2020

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Did COVID-19 impact you, financially? Whether for better or worse, many small business owners have felt the impact in one way or another. 

Several of the business owners I’ve spoken to had to tap into their capital reserves, while others have literally doubled their revenue since pre-COVID. 

So why the big difference?

It has to do with being prepared. How are you managing the day-to-day operations? How fluid are you in your pivot game? 

Let’s be honest, life LOVES curveballs! Covid-19 is a curveball that took the world by surprise. There is no reason that you shouldn’t hit that curveball OUT OF THE PARK! Most of our clients are out there crushing it right now. 

If you don’t have at least 3 months of operating expenses sitting happily in a savings account that you can easily access, chances are you are exposed to more risk, are more worried about your finances, and are less likely to rebound quickly when something unexpected comes your way. 

But, we can help you with that! Chances are that there ARE funds available to you, you just may not know where to look. If you’d like some guidance, we’d be honored to help. 


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