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Expert Interview

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When it comes to servicing clients, it’s not enough just to check the boxes and do the bare minimum. 

We are passionate about providing the WOW experience for our clients, and are seeking other professionals who share the same values to share their insights with our audience.

If you want to cultivate advocates and promoters for your business, you need to go above and beyond and craft a great experience. You’ve got to get them out of the minutiae of the details and help them to see the bigger picture, the forest rather than the trees.

In this interview series, we highlight successful entrepreneurs and share what they’ve done to craft an excellent business and help their clients see The Bigger Picture.


  • You have been in business for at least 3 years
  • You generate at least 250,000 in annual revenue
  • You have at least 3 employees
  • You have a solid (good) reputation
  • You have a passion of providing excellent (WOW factor) services
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