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Virtual Bookkeeping

Monthly Accounting Organizing Financial Data

Each year in the United states, tax and accounting errors cost businesses billions of dollars. The devil is in the details. When it comes to numbers a seemingly small mistake like a typo, extra space, or moved period can have huge and terrible implications, both financial and legal. The average business creates hundreds, if not thousands of transactions and each one must be precise to ensure accuracy. It’s crucial to make sure that information is captured, documented, balanced, and organized to have real value. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been at it for years, we can help.

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Recording the transaction detail into your accounting system prevents missing information from falling through the cracks. When everything that happens is recorded, your numbers form a story we help you to understand.

Reconciling against the actual statements ensures that any potential errors are brought front and center so they can be addressed. Reconciling is your control process to ensure everything is accurate.

Reporting is the process of bringing all of the data together into usable and informative reports that your company needs each month to make smarter business and financial decisions.

We ensure that the transactional data entry process is streamlined and efficient to prevent wasted time or resources. Our monthly accounting associates organize your financial data into easy-to-read monthly financial reports to be used in important operational decisions. They handle the month-end close process which protects prior time periods from being altered, ensures that the data you’re seeing is checked and double-checked for accuracy, and that there is nothing outstanding that needs to be addressed. This ensures that you’ve always got the accurate and timely information you need to run your business and make beneficial decisions.