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QBO Training

QBO Training Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Do you have the time and skill to manage your books but lack the technical knowledge of what QuickBooks can offer? We work with clients everyday, teaching them how to utilize Quickbooks to increase their efficiencies, streamline reports, and automate processes. While QBO can be a powerful tool, a lack of knowledge around how to best utilize Quickbooks can lead to these common mistakes:
  • Failing to reconcile your bank accounts and credit cards
  • Adding redundant or duplicative accounts to your chart of accounts
  • Failing to maintain required information on file for employees and vendors
  • Incorrectly applying payments to bills, or deposits to invoices
  • Misusing the undeposited funds account
  • Ineffective report settings
  • Time sucking preferences not set up correctly
  • Deleting transactions

QBO is a dual-entry accounting system. That means every transaction you change – affects another one. A small mistake can cost thousands of dollars. We will work with you to ensure you have a full understanding of the benefits and potential pitfalls of QuickBooks so that you are set up right to use it to its full potential without having to worry about all the what-if’s.