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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Understanding Best Practices

Everyone has a relationship with money. Some are more positive than others and when you learn to optimize the way you think about money, you can build true wealth. Understanding financial best practices directly impacts the ability to make impactful operational decisions.

Do you wonder…

  • What will it take to retire by 50, 55 or 60 (or any age you desire)?
  • What is a smart amount to invest, whether it be your business, retirement, or college funds?
  • Are you spending money the right way to balance your short term wants and needs with your long term financial goals?
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Our Financial Literacy Program helps you answer these questions, and more, putting you on the financial track you want to be on.

It all starts with how to make financially healthy decisions…

Our financial literacy coaches can help you to understand your current financial picture, map a path to achieve your goals, and work alongside you as you take steps to achieve them. We can help you understand how much of your income should be allocated towards taxes, retirement, and future operations.

Together we’ll determine how much you need saved in an accessible (liquid) account so you never have to worry about covering the bills, unexpected emergencies, or making payroll. We help you know when to start investing and how to capitalize on compound interest, while balancing the needs of your business and avoiding restricting your ability to grow.

Financial literacy breaks through glass ceilings, irradiates poverty, and makes upward mobility possible. It’s all those things no one ever taught you about money, like how knowing your numbers, planning for improvement, and reducing taxes can lead to dramatic improvements in your after tax wealth. 
Through supporting the entire financial cycle, from entering and recording transactions, to analyzing financial outcomes and implementing tax saving strategies – we help our clients to understand the big picture of their business so they can make better business decisions that result in them achieving or exceeding their financial goals.
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Money Mindset Business Road Map

Our clients benefit from our services by leveraging proven strategies that drastically improve their profits, reduce tax burdens, and simplify internal processes so they can efficiently scale healthy, thriving businesses.

After analyzing your current financial performance, we will provide you with a Business Road Map reflecting the financial information you need to improve and evolve your organization so results don’t depend on hope and luck. We’ll help you understand the bigger picture of your organization so that you can make important financial and operational decisions with clarity and confidence.

Our Business Road Map will help you understand where your business is currently, what obstacles you are facing, and tips for improving in every key area of your organization. We help create a clear action plan built out by phase and department so that you can scale your organization with confidence and clarity. 

COVID-19 Aid Consulting

Let us help your business recover from the pandemic. We have the knowledge, systems, and tools to get forgivable loans into your bank account to help your business keep going.

COVID-19 has changed the way we operate in our personal and professional lives around the world. Business owners have had to change the way they work to protect their customers and their employees. Many business owners have closed their doors altogether and the economy as a whole has shifted.

CP&A is here to help organizations respond to and recover from the financial challenges this global pandemic has caused. 

We have helped our clients get access to more than $3M in capital through the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL) and more than $1.8M in forgivable loans through the Paycheck Protection Programs (PPP).

We can help you see what you qualify for, get your loan funded and forgiven, so you can keep focusing on your family, customers, and team without worrying about how the pandemic will impact your business.