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Stop Working So Hard – Five Tips to Slow Down

Date: October 19, 2021


Five Tips to Slow Down So You Don’t Burn Out

Tis’ the season….. to feel stressed. It’s hard to keep up with the pace of life these days. You’re busy running your business (or starting one), taxes are due, and then there are kids, family obligations, caring for aging parents, holiday season approaching, the pandemic…the list goes on. It can be so easy to get caught up in all this craziness that you lose sight of what really matters: family, health and happiness. You did not start your business to be a slave to it, you started a business to give you financial freedom. If you get burnt-out or become ill, it is going to be a lot harder on your business than doing some preventative maintenance along the way.

Many of the clients we work with are so amazing at what they do, but they often forget to care for themselves, too. Before we started working together, they were working more and more but bringing home less and less. They’d get so caught up working IN the business that they just couldn’t find the time they needed to work ON the business. They’d become the last priority and the long-term effects are more taxing (and expensive) than you may think. Think of relaxing daily as a required and crucial part of running your business.

Here are some tips for slowing down when life gets crazy!

  • Take five minutes out of every hour to do something you enjoy (read a book, etc.) – bonus points if the activity gets you closer to your goals or helps generate additional revenue (think podcasts, self-improvement books, exercise, etc.)
  • Spend ten minutes each day doing something that makes you feel calm (such as meditation, reading, exercising, or deep breathing). Keeping your energy balanced and energized will help you overcome typical challenges faster and easier when they do come up.
  • Give yourself some free time on your calendar each week to plan some activities that are calming for you – such as taking a walk, having a snack, or calling a loved one. If you don’t reserve the time on your calendar, we both know it probably won’t happen. What gets measured gets managed, your time is no different.
  • Get plenty of rest – a good night’s sleep is so important. An evening bath can help relax you, add some essential oils for aromatherapy during your ‘me’ time, or take a hot shower. Resetting your nervous system at the end of a long day helps your body recover faster so you can give your best tomorrow, this is good for business 😉
  • Listen to your body – is your neck kinked from looking at a screen, eyes tired and dry from straining all day? Do you suffer from achey-butt-syndrome from sitting too much all day? Try working on your ergonomics! A stand-up desk can do wonders for posture and back health, sitting all day is not good for you but when you’re in the moment and working hard, it’s easy to postpone the things that your body really needs. Your business needs you, we get that, but if you’re health declines your business will suffer even more than it will while you take a short break for yourself.

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