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Date: November 2, 2020

Big taxes changes are coming in 2024 and beyond. Check our resource center for the most recent updates.

  • Small Business, Income, Estate & Capital Gains taxes could be going up soon. And a whole lot more. Some small businesses could be looking at paying 2-3 times more in taxes in the coming years. 
  • With smart tax planning strategies, you can legally save yourself tens of thousands of dollars (if not more). That money can be reinvested into the business, allocated towards your retirement or child’s college fund, or used to buy that new car or house, or finally book that vacation you keep putting off.
  • Savvy business owners are preparing for this unique moment now because a tax plan that will consider these upcoming changes can save tens of thousands of dollars in a single year.
  • Our mission is to retrieve every dollar wasted in excess tax payments and convert them into tools and resources that help business owners grow their organizations and improve their communities. 

Tax Planning Strategic and Preemptive Tax Reduction

  • We believe that EVERY taxpayer should be able to take advantage of the tax saving provisions that exist and that no one should ever pay more than their fair share, especially not the small business owners who need those savings most.
  • Our mission is to retrieve every dollar wasted in excess tax payments and convert them into tools and resources that help business owners grow their organizations and improve their communities. 
  • Our tax plans include transparent calculations, strategy descriptions, internal revenue code references, and the ability to add new strategies and combinations in the future as your business grows and changes.
  • We will show you how to reduce or eliminate your tax bill by analyzing your current financial position and preparing a customized tax plan for you and your business. 
  • The best tax planning occurs THROUGHOUT the year, not at the end of the year when you go to file your taxes. Most of the strategies we use save you money every month of the year. 
  • We help you ensure that your business is set up correctly to pay the least amount in tax possible. We look at finding ways to maximize your legal deductions, optimize the entity structure of your business, protect your assets, and maintain wealth within your business or personal life while lowering your tax obligation and exposure.
Pen and calculator sitting on top of an empty 1040 tax form

Tax Preparation Tax Problem Prevention

Most business owners hate doing their taxes because the process is confusing, complex, time consuming and the end result is usually a balance owed to the IRS. Worse yet, if you do them wrong and end up being audited, you could be dealing with the implications for years, spending a fortune trying to fix past mistakes.

Our tax preparation specialists can help you prevent audits due to incorrect filings, protect your interests and ensure your tax plan is correctly implemented to prevent tax problems from the start. 

  • We work directly with existing CPAs, EAs, and Tax Attorneys to ensure that your returns are filed accurately and on time.
  • We review your tax situation every quarter so that you don’t get a surprise tax bill at the end of the year or pay unnecessary penalties and interest.
  • If you are ever audited – we ensure that you are protected and prepared.

We actually love the preparation process because if you do it right from the beginning you don’t have to worry and when you’re as passionate as our tax specialists, you can find tons of tax savings! Don’t fall for the scare tactics the IRS is famous for – pay a professional to do it right the first time and protect your future time and resources.

Tax Protection Resolving Tax Problems with the IRS

Tax problems are overwhelming when attempting to resolve them on your own. Our tax relief specialists take the stress out of the tax resolution process and make it painless and manageable. Our comprehensive services will help you solve your tax problems, so you can get back to living your best life possible.

Many of our clients start out by trying to handle their IRS case by themselves but end up with negative results, or worse, no results at all.

Hand buried under paperwork reaches for help while a hand reaches down to help it

Our three step approach will resolve your tax problems quickly and efficiently.

  • Investigation and Discovery – We deal directly with the IRS to see where you stand. We take the time to fully understand your unique situation, then we determine the best course of action.
  • Compliance – We help you adhere to tax compliance procedures to prevent further issues with the IRS. We will help protect you from the IRS, inform you of your rights as a taxpayer, and ensure you get back in compliance.
  • Resolution – We resolve your tax problems thoroughly and efficiently to protect your assets and give you peace of mind.

We are passionate about protecting our clients and representing their best interests from the beginning through the end of the taxation process.

Cash, a calculator, a magnifying glass, and a pen sitting on top of various tax forms

Tax Reviews Retrieving Lost Dollars from the Past

  • Aside from saving money in the current and future years, we also review your prior year’s tax returns to recommend proactive tax-saving strategies that will save you thousands.
  • Did you know that with the recent tax code changes, you could retrieve overpayments in prior years in the form of tax refunds? If you lost money due to the global pandemic or inflation, you could carry those losses backward in time to get more money back.
  • We help our clients save real money in taxes
  • We help our clients to discover how much they overpaid in previous years
  • See how much we can save them in the current year and find out how much we can save them every year going forward.
  • Over the last 5 years we have saved an average of over $38,400 each year (per client). Just last year we saved our clients 354,247 in taxes; an average of 50,607 per year, per client.
  • Make sure your business is covered no matter what the future holds. 


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