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Who We Help

Who We Help Solopreneurs to thriving teams

We help small to medium size businesses from self-employed start-ups to well established organizations. Our specialized expertise has helped hundreds of business owners in the marketing and advertising and professional service industries to grow and scale their companies, pay less in taxes, and accumulate personal wealth.

Our clients fall into the following categories:

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Under 500k/year

We support our new and small businesses clients as they develop sales plans and operational infrastructure to scale their business. Together, we ensure the financial aspect of your business is being handled efficiently, correctly and in a way that is conducive to future growth. Our Financial Literacy program teaches financial best practices and outlines information such as (how much you should be saving each month, where to go to learn about the norms in your industry, and how to create, read and understand your financial reports.

Between 500k and 1M/year

Our Controllers and CFOs work with clients every day helping them to leverage their strengths and improve their weaknesses as we forge a path toward over $1 million in revenue. Together we develop processes and systems that grow with your organization and avoid bleeding profits unknowingly (one of the biggest risks to a growing business). We help our clients to build strong, healthy companies that are consistently generating cash and profits.Together we’ll overcome obstacles that may be lurking beneath the surface so that you can break free from the cyclical ebbs and flows in revenue holding you back.

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1 Million +

As our clients grow towards $10 million, we focus on strategic plans that achieve the following:
  • Maximize after-tax wealth
  • Expand product lines and service offerings
  • Manage and make decisions around acquisitions and mergers,
  • Grow a profit producing legacy
Growing organizations have more complex financial needs and require more customized financial services.

Understanding macro-scale market trends and strategizing to overcome marginal challenges provide competitive advantages. The costs of getting something wrong at this stage of the business life-cycle can be detrimental. We help optimize the financial health of your organization from seven to eight figures and beyond.